Dr. Judene is available by phone to discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding your oral health.

Please provide a detailed explanation of your questions and concerns in the space below. If you have any photos, x-rays or other relevant information, email them to: drjudene@hotmail.com with your name and ‘Phone Consult’ in the subject line.


Cost is based on the duration of the consult at a rate of $200/hr (USD). For example:
15 minutes – $50
30 minutes – $100
1.5 hours – $300

Additional $25 emergency charge for consults requested with less than 48 hours notice.

To book a phone consult please fill out the following form.
Be sure to include:

  • List of at least three days and times during which you prefer to schedule your phone consult
  • Detailed description of all questions and concerns
  • Your phone number



Make sure to provide as much information as possible and to include the questions you want answered by Dr. Judene.

You will receive a confirmation email to notify you of the day and time your phone consult has been scheduled for. Dr. Judene will call you at the scheduled time. It is recommended that you have a pen and paper ready to record any suggestions made by Dr. Judene.

Diagnosing cavities and other dental concerns must be done in person by a dentist and Dr. Judene cannot diagnose over the phone.

Thank you for your trust and business!