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All About Root Canals


Healing a Tooth That Needs a Root Canal


This is for you if you have similar thoughts as:

“I don’t want a root canal and I don’t want an extraction, I want to heal my tooth”

“I have a toothache”

“I’ve been told I need a root canal”

“I have an abscess”

“I’ve been told I have a dead tooth”

“I want to know how to prevent another root canal or extraction”

“I have a deep cavity and the dentist said I might need a root canal”


Testimonial from someone who was told she needed a root canal or extraction

“At this point, I’m still amazed that my tooth seems to be healing, and that I’m experiencing no pain whatsoever.  It makes me wonder how many times in my past, with my previous 4 or 5 root canals, would ‘healing the tooth’, have been an option.  Sad and frustrating to estimate how much unnecessary damage and destruction those root canals have been to my subsequent overall health. I’m so excited though, to have this first-hand positive result (so far), and curious to see how this ultimately plays out. Again, thank you for the great input and support! You can never undo certain things that you learn, and that knowledge is always there for us, once we’ve learned it.  Whether or not we chose to tap into it, again and again, is up to us.”