What’s the Latest FCLO Controversy Have to do with Teeth?

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FCLO as the Go-To for Natural Teeth Care 

Fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) has developed the reputation as the ‘go-to’ for healing teeth and cavities. Why? Because so many people have had success while using it.

FCLO → Remineralized Teeth and Cavities


FCLO as the Must-Have for Teeth?

What has seemed to have happened, however, is that fermented cod liver oil has gone from the ‘go-to’ for healing teeth and cavities to the ‘must-have-or-else-healthy-teeth-will-occur.’

No FCLO → No Remineralized Teeth and Cavities
This is simply NOT TRUE.

Fermented cod liver oil is definitely a great tool that can be used to heal teeth and cavities. Indeed I have recommended it to many people. However it is a TOOL not a must-have. In fact, there is nothing that is a must-have to heal teeth and cavities. This is an important point I want people to know. Healing teeth and cavities is an innate ability that we ALL possess – not just some people who eat or do specific things. EVERYONE is capable of remineralizing their teeth and cavities. Certainly there are things people can do or not do that help activate their innate healing ability – and for some people FCLO helps them do just that.

I have seen some people with dramatically great results and completely heal their cavities just by adding fermented cod liver oil into their diet. But then I have also seen mothers crying because their child’s cavities won’t heal, despite working so hard at providing them with a nutritious diet, including FCLO.
In light of the recent controversy regarding the safety and efficacy of fermented cod liver oil, I want people to know that whatever decision they arrive at will be the best decision for themselves and their family, and that it is possible to naturally remineralize teeth and cavities with or without fermented cod liver oil.

How do I know It is Possible to Heal Cavities With or Without FCLO?

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of remineralized cavities. There is not a consistent food/supplement/practice that every single person has done in order to remineralize their cavities.

In fact some of the hugest areas of arrested decay (remineralized cavities) that I have ever seen have been in homeless people and people with a history of drug use. (Don’t get me wrong, some of the hugest areas of active decay/not remineralized cavities I have ever seen have also been in homeless people and people of substance abuse.) There was no specific diet and supplement protocol being followed. Just the innate healing abilities of the body at work. I say this not because I want people to throw away their specific diet and supplement protocols – no, not at all. It is my belief that it is necessary for each of us to find the diet/supplements/protocols that are BEST FOR OURSELVES and for our families, and that is the key to naturally healing teeth and cavities. It is entirely possible that the best diet/supplements/protocols for yourself may be different than your neighbor’s. At least that is my conclusion from seeing such incredible diversity in diet and lifestyle for people with and without remineralized teeth (seeing of which I consider to be a great gift to me for joining my father’s unique dental office).

It is my hope that the FCLO controversy teaches us two important lessons regarding the healing of teeth:

1. The capability to heal teeth and cavities is innately in all of us, and is not limited to individuals who do or do not do certain things.  It is one’s own body that is capable of healing their teeth – not any external supplement or food or practice. These external things are merely tools to help (and hopefully not hinder) the body.

2. Improved tolerance of other people’s beliefs and ways of thinking and doing things. People who are passionate about helping people by promoting something they know has helped them are indeed doing the world a great service. However sometimes this passionate promoting can lead to the idea that there is only one right way to good health, to heal teeth, etc., and the other ways are wrong. How many people taking fermented cod liver oil used to think that people taking non-fermented cod liver oil or no cod liver oil weren’t doing the right thing? I am guilty as charged. Accepting other people’s beliefs and desires, while at the same time promoting and being passionate about my own perhaps conflicting beliefs and desires – now that is something I continually strive towards.

Do What is Best for You

I certainly don’t have all the answers about which cod liver oil is right or wrong (if there even is a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’). But what I can say for certain is that there are many, many right ways to heal teeth and cavities. Let’s use the latest FCLO controversy as a reminder that our bodies are AMAZING – our teeth can heal and that there are many paths to do so. I hope that you find the best path for you and your family and enjoy a lifetime of healthy and happy teeth!